You may have seen this movie before.

These are Very Sound principles but the key ingredient is Timing.

Watch this movie then the one just below on Timing, the single most important factor.
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No matter how you cut it, TIMING is Key.

Founded over 100 companies in the last 20 years, many you will recognize like PetSmart, NetZero, Snap, and many others.

Now ask yourself This Question...

So why the Misunderstanding?

When people are asked about the industry, even as large as it is, it's Amazing how many don't have an answer.

You will NEVER Talk someone into something they Don't Want!

It doesn't even matter if they Need it, Unless they Want it you won't succeed.

To succeed in this type of business you need something that people are Already Looking For, something they WANT.  You will Never Convince them they need it, all you can do is show folks what you have and let them use their God Given instincts to decide if it makes sense for them.
That's a basic law of business, "Supply and Demand." Give people what they want and they WILL buy.  You will NEVER create a need, it must already be there, and that's where so many companies go wrong.

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