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Your Virtual Evaluation

Think you will Trick someone into into Joining your deal with Hype?

Think again.


Looking at a Home Based Business?
Why do So Many People Fail?

Could it be they...
Bought into a bunch of HYPE?
They believed the Rah, Rah, We're are all going to be Rich?
They Didn't Identify the Red Flags?
They simply Picked the Wrong Deal?

Why this Evaluation?

There is no longer any doubt that if you want to get ahead you must have your own business.

Unfortunately, not many folks do very well because they either received Bad Advice or they picked the Wrong Deal. They join a Home Based Business based upon emotion rather than logic. Somebody gave them a great 'pitch' and sold them on the concept so they jumped in and bought into the 'dream' without considering the facts.
"An investor who buys on emotion won't be an investor for long."
Donald Trump

Does this Evaluation Work?
I come from the traditional business world where I have been successful. Before getting involved in Any Business I first do an evaluation.
I've developed this system to evaluate a Home Based Business and it has served me well.

Using it I predicted several failures long before they occured.


How does Your Deal Stack Up?

If you are in a deal now, or are looking at one, perhaps it would be a good idea to see just how it stacks up against the Red Flags Below.

  • First   
  • Most companies are   
  • A Big one, if they   
  • Trying to Create a Need  
  • There's a Big Difference  
  • Now for
  • This one is HUGE  
  • Does the company still use  
  • Another HUGE One, you  
  • Most are merely in  
  • Now a Critical one, you   

Most MLM's are based on HYPE and That's Why they Fail.

The reasons they must HYPE folks to join are quite simple.

They don't have a viable product so they have nothing left but Hype.

They don't understand the consumer

This 30 minute clip is really quite funny, and it does borderline on truth.  And it very interestingly points out many of the RED FLAGS we have already addressed above.